Is my shock jacked up?

I know very little about suspension. I do know a few things though. Oil oozing from the forks/shock is not a good thing. Here is a pic of what mine looks like.


What is wrong with it and what kind of shop can fix it?

Yep, you might as well have the forks serviced as well.

Looks like your shock oil seal is blown and you may have lost some of your nitrogen gas, time to take your shock to a suspension shop for new shock oil seal and oil service. I would also take your forks in for a oil service too.

I dont think my forks need it because I have seal savers on those

It is reccomended to service your suspension every 20 hours or the oil becomse contaminated with bushing material and does not work as good.

It looks like the oil seal is blown on the shock. Get it rebuilt asap.

I dont think my forks need it because I have seal savers on those

It is best to service both ends at the same time :thumbsup:

The reason why I recommended servicing your forks too, is that the rear shock is going to work much better with fresh oil and the new seals. If you don't service your forks you bike may handle a little weird because your forks are going to be on the soft side and work much differently with worn fork oil verses fresh oil.

So how do I fix it and what tools do I need? (Assuming I service both ends)

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