'06 XRL CA Emission - removal

Hi all,

Just got my new XRL650. Seems there are 4 smog/emission parts with endless tubing in between. What should I do in-order to remove these? Does anyone have images showing how too?

ThanX, Yuki

Try a search in the smog removal, lots of threads on this topic. It's very easy, either order the kit, or as i did, made my own plates and rerouted the hoses though the info I got through this site and others.

Check out Baja Designs - part number 155001 IMS smog block off kit. Worked for me; but mine didn't have a couple of extra smog pieces you lucky Californians get. The kit has instructions for both CA and Non-CA models.

Also, think about Dave's carb mods. Do a search on this - it's all over this web site.

Thank U guys.

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