Turn signals required?

Do they inspect motorcycles - they they would know. It is inspection that is the tough part in most states.

I tried to find the law on turn signals for CA and had a tough time. I searched the CA Vehicle Code with limited success, then finally found the answer in a separate code of requirements by the CA Highway Patrol. Try contacting your highway patrol or local police department (without taking the bike without signals :) ) and when they say you need them (as you know they will) ask them to tell you what law requires it. It would be tough for them to just insist they know what is required without being able to point to some supporting law.

In Washington State you must have trun signals. I wanted to know when I planned on getting a dual sport so I checked with the Hwy. Patrol. They no longer do the inspection however so you can get away with using a non dot light. They are smaller and tighter to the bike and cost about 13 bucks

Are turn signals required in Washington state? I read the RCW 's I could find but can not say for sure if you have to have them. The main motorcyle dealer in Renton told me they were not required by law. I always assumed they were required. Anyone know for sure?

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