'02 suspensison ?

? Are the new 2002 drz400s forks and Shocks the same as the new 2002 drz400e?

I have heard many rumors about cartridge forks on the '02 S model. The truth is that nowhere is it written that they have them. From the Suzuki website to the tag on the bike at the local dealer, nothing indicates cartridge forks. I believe the rumors were started when Suzuki marketing stated "...rebound and compression adjusters just like the E model..." when hyping the new forks. Through the grapevine, this turned into talk of cartridge forks.

With the addition of a HS/LS compression adjuster, I believe the shock is now the same as the dirt model. The only difference on the rear would be a spring rate.

Well i think we are all wondering about this, it says in the US website that the suspension is new and has the rebound adjusting but does not say it is the same as the E which is strange cause they are missing out on good sales pitch.

Can't believe all you read either for instance on the canadian Suz site it says the 400s and 400e have the same Keihen carbs, they carried that typo forward from last year so they owe us canadians pumper carbies :)



• Restyled headlight cover and lighter weight headlight bracket.

• New rear shock absorber with high/low speed compression damping adjuster and adjustable rebound damping.

• New front forks with adjustable compression and rebound damping.

• More durable rubber-mounted turnsignals, plus new engine guard and rear brake disc guard.

So nobody knows for sure about the suspension. It was dirt bike mag. or dirt rider mag.that printed alittle blurb about the "S" and "E" being the same.But I haven't seen or read any thing that came right out and said they were the same.

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