Lucky Escape

Just riding along, minding my own business.....OooooooUCHhhhhh !!!..... I managed to flip a long branch in precisely the right manner for the end to 'ride' up my left boot, continue up my inner thigh (whoah nelly!)and give me a VERY good poke in the balls ! I am glad I was half standing..... can you say shish kebab !


The Missile

'99 WR400F

Airbox Lid - gone

Throttle Stop - shorty!

Plastics/Tank/Seat - One Industries

Street Legal

You are one lucky guy. Those branches can be tough. I had one puncture a hole on my front fender. It could easily go have gonethrough gear and skin.


Amen, Holy Cow....

How is the prostate after that one? LOL


Geez Missle....Got me wondering if a cup is in order for required protective gear!?! Never thought of my tall Guts foam as a testi shield, but whatever works...right?


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