Oil Change

Are you guys putting in the recommended amount of oil 1.9 us qt. or just putting a full 2 qts. in. Anyone had probs. with putting in 2 qts....Also does a new o ring come with the filter and does it really need to be changed everytime...

I put in 1.8litres which is 1.9 US quarts. As far as the O ring, if your talking about the one for the cover the answer is no. I had to replace mine but the local auto parts store has lots. Regards.

I only change my O-Rings once after about 3 filter changes. I almost chocked when Suzuki charged me like $18 for a filter and 2 O-Rings. I do change the oil every two rides so its never dirty. Where can you get cheeper filters?

I pull the hose that attaches the frame oil tank to the bottom of the engine in order to remove and clean the oil strainer. Draining that hose + the oil tank and engine - she takes exactly 2 qts. of fresh oil.

Remember the ad: "Starting your engine is a terrible thing to do"? Well, when I am about to put the new filter in, I pour fresh oil into it about 3/4 full, then hurry up and get it into place in the engine and slap the cover on. I do this to minimize the time that the oil has to get through the filter and start lubricating engine parts. Does anyone else do this? The trick is to not watch the oil soak through the paper, if that happens, oil will seep out and down the cover mount because you took too long to mount it. Later,

Yes, I've heard of people doing that, but mostly just soaking the paper of the filter element. I haven't been doing it, because I have the Thumper SS filter - nothing to soak, but presoaking the paper of the filter element sounds ok.

At least you'll be properly inducted into the DRZ Anal Retentive Club with a few others of us, who do just about anything we can think of that might be helpful to extending engine/part life - even if it ultimately makes little or no difference. Those types of maintenance items are more like a good, clean hobby - but I still like your 'pre-soak the filter' idea.

hahaha I love this site guys. Scotts has a oil filter that is Stainless steel and reuseable but for $70 is it worth it? I just soke my Suzuki OEM filter with oil before installing it into the case. The O-ring should last for awhile. Way to tell if its bad is take it off and squeeze it together. If its hard it will crack so replace it. I work with O-rings at work with Heavy Machinery. They last around 6 months. But those are High Velocity Hydralics pumps so wears out the O-rings alot faster. Hope this helps you out

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