virginia city course, extremely rocky this year

I'm not racing, so i took a little 130 mile ride, leaving reno,went to fernley, then south to virginia city, the single track section at the east side of the loop, is more like a goat trail than single track, bring plenty of armor, for you and your bikes, and have fun out there, it was pretty sweet yesterday :thumbsup:

you sure you were on the right trail? we are not hanging any ribbon until this morning.

but seriously, this years course is going to be a test. be sure and have as much armor on your bike as possible. your body too. we are trying to avoid oiling the trail

well kids, its tuesday night and raining again. rained saturday and sunday, but it looks like warm sunny weather the rest of the week. conditions should be great.the surface dirt will probably dry up a bit but underneath it will hold up real well. should not be great choking clouds of dust just enough to make you pay attention.

looking forward to a great weekend!

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