14/51, how many links?

Almost done with the snow machine for the season, took the 650r out for its maiden '06 voyage the other day.

I've searched a million ways and can't find the answer. Is a 112 going to be long enough? I already own the 51 so getting a 13 is out of the question.

Thanks in advance...



At the very bottom is a link called "Sprocket Ratio to Speed Calculator." This is a Microsoft Excel file (.xls).

When 14/51 is input it says that the shortest possible # of links is 111.5 links and the longest is 114 links. You can only have an even number of links though, so 112 links it is.

Be sure and punch in your rear tire size then after plugging in your 14/51 gearing, check out your speed.

You SHOULD have gotten a 13T. Rather than spending ~$30 for a front sprocket, you spent ~$60 for a rear sprocket and now you have to spend ~$100 for a new chain, total of ~$160.

DON'T buy another chain, keep the rear sprocket for later or sell it on Ebay. Spend $30 on a 13T front sprocket and save the extra ~$70 that you would be spending on a chain and buy some Renthal handlebars or?? By the way, you will need to buy a rivet link tool to install the new rivet link chain, so that's another ~$20-~$120.

You CAN still come out ahead in this deal, if you buy the 13T. Look in the PARTS section of http://www.arrowheadmotorsports.com/. He's got a 13T that fits great, plus he's a good guy, the one that started the XR650R Yahoo groups from the beginning many years ago.

By the way, the stock 110 link chain will work just fine with 13/48.

Thats where i'm at,14/51..112 links.... :thumbsup:

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