On Line Parts Store Needed.

Hi folks!.

Anyone knows a reliable on line OEM parts store?


I have been looking for inexpensive Suzuki parts either online or mail order with no success. I can direct you to a few places I use for Yamaha parts http://www.rivayamaha.com/index.shtml for an online micro-fiche and then I use http://www.knmotorcycles.com/ to order by phone. K&N will usually give good discounts if you ask and know what retail is. Anybody know where to get Suzuki parts?

Is there something I don't understand about cycle-parts.com? I looked at their website and the prices are full list! I don't think so..................!

Chaparral has factory parts. Not sure if they are retail or not(probably are).

Chaparral-Click Here

Get to know your dealer and see if he gives a discount. Most will at least give an AMA discount or racer/frequent customer discount.

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