How many use 20/50wt dino oil all year round?

wait a sec....what weight did you switch FROM and what did you put IN when you noticed more shavings?

20/50 is HEAVIER than 10/40, it sounds like you are saying 10/40 is heavier than 20/50.

I've run 20/50 in the KaTooM all summer, just switching back to 10/40 for winter, can't say I noticed any change in shavings from oil weight.

Chris, sorry I wasn't clear. I went from 20/50wt to 10/40wt on the first oil change and didn't notice shaving. It wasn't until I drained the 10/40 that I noticed the shavings on the magnet. I know that many individuals change oil weight between summer and winter. I just wasn't sure if anyone was running 20/50, like my dealer suggested, all year round. We don't see snow where I live but it does get mighty cold where I ride (No. California).

I ran 20/50 dino oil for the first 600 miles.

Switched to maxima maxum 4 20/50 synthetic after that.

01 400e

89 750 vulcan kawasaki

As far as oil goes the hotter the engine runs the thicker the oil needed. On a air cooled engine like my (XR 600) I ran 20/50 but for a cooler running water cooled engine like the DRZ I run 10/40. If you change your oil all the time or in my case every 2 rides or 300+ dirt miles the engine should clean up and last for ever. I think not changing the oil will do more damage then anything else. The older the engine, the dirtier it gets. So just change it.


Hi all, I'm curious, how many use standard 20/50wt dino oil in their crank case? I remember my dealer initially put 20/50wt in the case instead of 10/40wt and told me to use it all the time. I returned to 10/40wt, per the manual, and it's bugged me ever since... Also, on the first oil change (when I changed from 20/50 to 10/40) there were no metal shaving. It wasn't until I change to the thinner weight (on the second oil change) that I saw more metal shaving on the drain magnet. Thanks in advance.

Mobil 1 here. Have no idea what weight.

Did you check your oil strainer in the bottom of your frame oil tank? If you find shavings on the magnet drain plug, you should check the strainer at some point too...

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