Resistace - exciter coil (stator) XR600

I have a -93 year XR600 and need to know what the resistance of the exciter coil (the stator suppling the ignition) should be. My manual says 230-320 ohms, but I think it is for a earlier modell so I'm not sure.

And if anyone knows what the diameter of the copperwire should be it would also be greate. (have measured, but I don't get it to be right.)

The pre-'91 exciter coil spec is 230-320 ohms. The '91-on spec is 50 to 150. Typically they show right around 90 ohms between the black/red wire & chassis.


Just ripped off all the wiring of my coil, showing 80 ohm :thumbsup::thumbsup:

So an advise to all TT-members, check that you got the right manual before acting.

My 93 looked good when I connected the ohm meter. However, it was still bad. My symptom was primarily difficult starting when hot. It got to the point where I had to push start it when it was hot. I could kick it forever and it would not start. The problems only seemed to occur while the engine was hot. Even when hot, the meter reading was correct. I rewound, and now it starts easily.

How many turns and what wire gauge did you use?

I used 33 gage magnet wire. I got it a surplus place for $2. I wouldn't go any bigger than 32 or smaller than 34. Smaller wire is weaker and more prone to breaking. No idea how many turns, but I put as many as would fit. I can't wind it nearly as well as the machine winding on the stock unit, so I doubt I have as many turns as stock.

It's been working for 2 years.

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