Trouble setting sag on my S

The locknut won't budge. I wacked it pretty good using a screwdriver/hammer and I'm just taking chunks out of the cog. I tried pounding the lower nut the opposite direction to maybe loosen/seperate it from the upper nut, no luck.

Anybody else have trouble with the rear shock/spring?

Just to make sure: to loosen the upper/lock nut, i'm aiming at the front of the shock; looking down from above the shock, I'm trying to turn it counter-clockwise.

Also, if I need say another .5 inch of sag, I need to "loosen" the upper nut .5 inch right? There will still be pre-load in the spring right?

Thanks for any and all help.


'00 S

Try putting the bike on a stand tall enough to let the rear wheel hang, that should help with the preload. I use a special wrench, I think motion pro makes it


Me and a helper did mine a couple months ago.

I think one of the tricks is having somebody hold the bike from moving. In turn this will help get the power down on that nut. Also use a very large screw driver, or use a metal pole or some sort. Nothing with a sharp edge.

Lifting the bikes rear end off the ground(even just by raising it on it's kick stand to one side) will help ALOT.

I had the same problem. I just got a bigger screwdriver with a fatter blade on it. The smaller tips just dig in and the wider tips provides more surface area. Good luck!

Yep, it's all physic's.

Bigger surface area=larger transfer of force.

or something like that

The way I got mine loose was to tighten the bottom nut a little first. That should relieve the pressure on the retaining nut.

If you can find a brass drift, use that to loosen the nut. It won't tear it up as bad. I couldn't find one, so I got a length of about 3/8 in. brass rod at the hardware store and cut it about 12 in. long. Works really well, especially if you are lazy like me and haven't removed the little smog box yet. It will slip between the black box and the frame to loosen the nut for quick sag adjustments. Put the bike on a stand and make sure it's not sitting on the shock linkage when you do the adjustment as that puts pressure on the shock.

Thanks for the tips.

Now that I think about it, the bike was just on the kickstand, so I'll put it on a crate to reduce the pressure. I've been looking for a good excuse to buy a decent punch set, now I've got one :)


'00 S

You don't need to move the nut .5 inches to change the sag by that much. There is a leverage thing going on between the shock and the swingarm. About .1 inch on the nut should do it.

Ride on


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