Pit stand ?

Umm I hope thats what they are called!! I'm looking to get one of those stands you put under the bike when you work on it to get both ends up in the air. While this seems pretty cut and dry .... Is there anything you need to know about these things?? I'm guessing they come in a standard height, and have noticed that some are all aluminum, while others use some plastic, also some have four legs, while other are made with a looped bent tubing kinda design. Do i need to know anything here or is it just buy the first thing you find at a good price?? your .02 appreciated. Thanks

I'm just using an old plastic milk crate with a couple of pieces of wood screwed in the top to get the correct height. Works great and cheap!

I put a small block of would under the side stand, about 2” high, and then pull the bike over on the side stand and slide the crate under. I am not sure if this will strain the stand mount long term but it seems fine so far.


and that was WOOD :)

The small $50 to $70 bike lift is built kinda cheap and should be used for smaller bikes. The bigger one that sells for $150 or so is a great product. I have made my own stand out of a wooden box that doubles as a storage area when traveling.

I built a stand out of 3/4" plywood that works great, plus it cost nothing because I used scrap. My only challenge is heaving the S model up on the thing. Before I started this dirt bike activity I asked a buddy with a YZ125 how it was done and he said "Oh, just lift it up. It's easy." After heaving mine up on the stand a few times, I picked up his for comparison and I must have had both ends two feet off the ground without even trying. Man this S is heavy. :)

I bought a plastic step-stool, Rubbermaid I believe, that works greatfor bikes of normal weight, ie. non-DRZ!. Its light, strong, and you can put tools/parts on the first step while you are working. Everytime someone sees it they comment on what a great idea it is and several of my buddies have got them now. I think about $14. I have seen them at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe's. Check it out! I also so have a lift stand that I use when no one is around to help because that is the only way an old man with two back surgeries recovering from his first heart attack can get that porker DRZ off the floor!

They come in two heights. You must get the lower one to get it under a DRZ. Mine has a lever you step on to raise the bike. I think it was $40. I also have a lift from Costco that was $99. It lifts my DRZ and my Indian.

When I won an enduro championship my boy made me one out of wood with my name on it. Didn't cost me anything other than about 10,000 miles, and $10,000 on a bike and parts. Oh yeah,,, it almost cost me my marriage also.

lots of milk crate and wood guys here :) this is also my current method. Maybe i'll keep the change in my pocket!!

Yes the milkcrate works especially if you use the Hertfelder princples pointed to in my last posting.

Here is my favourite Hertfelder called "The Clint Eastwood Invitational Enduro" its a scream. Pure Classic.


Plastic 5 gallon water jug box like on the sparklets trucks. Needs plywood reinforcement on top but works good.

It is the most common way I've seen.

Also doubles as box and mostly a step for loading into full size trucks.

Maybe free if it falls off of a truck. :D:)

Kawasaki makes an aluminum stand that comes with a tool tray and the top has a rubber pad and a hole for fluid drain. About $100.00, look for them on sale and/or use your AMA membership card for discount. You do have to grab a manly hold of the bike and throw it up on the stand (remember the picture of Scott Summers standing with his XR600 in his arms). The stand is strong with good construction.

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