DRZ's In Death Valley

2-2001 DRZ400E's, 4 days, 550 miles, 1 Flat tire (mine) one heck of a great ride. If you like riding Nevada, Baja you will like Death Valley. Nothing but rocks, sand, rocks, and oh ya rocks.

It's a state park so you need a plate, but if you work it right and don't do anything stuped you can cheat if you know what I mean.

My partner Seekster and I take a trip to Death Valley a couple times a year. We camp at Mesquite Springs around 1700' by Scottys Castle. With 4.2 gal's of gas we can do 150 mile loops from camp. See places like Race Track, Titus Canyon, ghost towns, gold mines, Ubehebe Crater. "Almost" better than sex. I said Almost.

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