13 Tooth Countershaft Sprocket for "400S"?

I have read that some riders replaced the stock 14 tooth for a 13 tooth with good results. Does anyone have anything to share? I ride a lot on the street.

The S comes with a 15-tooth sprocket standard.

The 13-tooth is not a good mod for the street - even with the 15-tooth I was looking for another gear, with the 13-tooth I found myself in 5th all the time. The 14-tooth might be a better compromise. Sprockets from DR350s and RM250s fit - don't let the counterperson tell you otherwise.

I have an S model with a 13 tooth countershaft sprocket and it works great off highway. For slower trails usage it's a must for me. On the highway, it limits my speed to 60 comfortably. It will go 80 still, I just don't like to push the motor that hard. That's my thoughts.

15/44=2.93 Top speed @ 10,000 rpm=104mph

14/44=3.14 Top speed @ 10,000 rpm=97mph

13/44=3.38 Top speed @ 10,000 rpm=90mph

I run 15/47, which is almost the same ratio as 14/44 and find it is a good compromise for street/trail

Give great roll ons in top on road :)


01 400S

I dropped my S from the stock 15 to a 14 and it is still comfortable on road (though slightly buzzier). I'm riding it almost exclusively off-road and toying with the idea of a 13 tooth, but with the buzziness level I have now I think I would be unhappy with the 13 on the road.

I've been running 13/48 on my S for awhile now. I love those gears for woods/singletrack. Top speed on the freeway seems to be about 75. I don't ride on the street other than to dry the bike off after a wash and practice my wheelies!

I have a 14 on my S and I fine it a good compromise for on/off road. In the spring I might try a 46 or 47 tooth for the rear (and keep the 14) I fine I don't need all the top end.

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