Do Canadian Bought WR450f have the smog air injection like the US?

I read you guys in the US of A buy a kit to block off the air injection polution device, do this come on the canadian models also?

Yes they do. :thumbsup: The bikes are the same as the US models now.

We even get flagged at the DMV when street plating now.

Used to be we could walk in and get a street plate ,no questions asked when the bike is new. Now you need a safety unless your lucky.

My buddy just switched his 03 WR 250 blue plate to a new 06 WR 250 with out a safety and got a bit of a run around. The girl at the DMV thought she was doing something wrong as she kept getting a flag saying it was for off road use only. My buddy explained that the bike was the same model only newer.

She asked for the manager to assist her. She asked my buddy a few questions and decided to call the dealer where the bike was purchased.

The dealer just told here the bike was a dual sport and he got the plate.

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