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I've been searching for aftermarket bars for my '01s because the stockers are uncomfortable when I stand up in the trails. I went to renthal's site and looked at the 150 different aluminum bar bends that they make. The question is which one? I know that it will be impossible to test each 800mm wide bar on my bike to find out which one I like the best, so how do you know which one to order? I guess I can start by measuring the stock bar, then putting my hands in the new "preferred" position, then measuring the distance between my hands and the stock bars. There has to be an easier way than trial and error. (the wife will want to know why there are 10 sets of bars hanging around)Does anyone know what the dimensions of the stock bars are? Please let me know.


The most popular is CR high bend. I went with these and they work well. If you need higher bars (I think, not sure on that) go with Jimmy Button bars.

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I believe the Suzuki DRZ bend is listed as just plain old Suzuki bend, I think the RM bend is the same also. I use CR high's, which work well for me.

CR High Renthals and Pro Tapers here.

I have the TAG T2 SX bend.32"width 4"height 2.16 sweep.I like this bend because it has very little sweep.I believe their the same as the carmichael bend with the Renthal.

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I put Renthal Carmichael bends on mine. I don't think they are quite as tall as the Button bend, but they have less sweep, which effectively moves them forward a bit. I had them installed and rolled forward slightly in the clamps- it worked OK. I have since installed bar risers which moves the bars higher and further forward. This setup seems to work nicely for me...I am 6'-2".

I recently added a set of the pro tapers to my DR. 250 as well as the Applied Racing triple clamp. I went with something higher than stock (enduro high) and like them much better. I find them to be much stiffer than the stock bars or even the standard 7/8 aluminum bars. The "comfort" level dropped quite a bit due to the added stifness. I would never have guessed this would happen. I am not bagging on the products as I was trying to bring my front end up to standards, so for me, this is great. Just keep this thought in mind if your going for the ultimate in comfort. When they describe the Pro Tapers as STRONG, they are serious!

I find the Renthal Carmichael bends with less sweep great. I am 5'10".

Pro Tappers, CR high bend

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