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Kouba ["T Handle" PS adjusting tool] wheels in motion...???

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Fellow ThumperTalkers, I am trying to wheel and deal w/ Kouba on these wonderful little tools. I will lwt you know what I come up with!!


My E Mail to Kouba:

Good Day Sir!

My name is Kevin Lysdahl. I am one of a few thousand www.thumpertalk.com members. Our websight represents several model of 4 stroke offroad dirtbikes, namely Yamaha YZF/WRF 426/400/250 models, Suzuki DRZ models, Honda CRF 450, KTM 4 strokers. There has been some talk about your wonderful little pilot screw adjusting "T Handle" tool .

I was wondering if we could garner enough interest in placing, what I hope to be a large order, we could receive a group discount on this tool?

I would have the shipment come to my home, here in New Hampshire where I could then distribute them to all the members that placed the order.

I would pay for the order up front at time of order placement.

Feel free to E-Mail me.

Thank You Sir for your time.

Kevin D. Lysdahl

[ November 30, 2001: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

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Here you go guys!

I will need a DEFINATIVE amount of folks who want these things. I will REQUIRE payment in ADVANCE.

For postage, I will have a one price fits all. I cannot go through the hassle of, "Let's see, this one pays shipping to CA, this one pays shipping to MD, this one to pays shipping to Switzerland (Hey Missle!!)", etc. I DO NOT plan on making a profit, I do not plan on screwing anyone over. It will be a one price fits all. And no, I do not plan on putting a down payment, based on profits, on my CRF250 Honda. That just ain't me!

Here is what Mr. Kouba has to say:


As you are probably already aware we sell them at $16.00 ea. including first class mail shipping to anywhere in the US but had to require a $25.00 min order to cover all the packaging and shipping time. So now the majority of our customers just purchase 2 ea. for $32.00 to cover the $25.00 min or they order l ea. with a set of links. I would surely cut you guys a deal on a quantity order if I did not have to ship them individually. Any idea on the amounts? 20-100 pieces would be in the $11.00 range including packaging and installation instructions. I could probably get a couple more bucks off of that on a one time deal for the Thumper Talk folks if I did not have to do the packaging and had an order for over the 100 pieces. Thanks for your inquiry and hope to hear back. Norm


Dr. DR

Home of the Kouba Link


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I already have one of those wonderful little

T-Handle fuel screws from Norm, but I would with the HIGHEST possible recommendations encourage anyone with an FCR style carb to get one. :) They rule.. it makes tuning sooooo easy. :D

DRZ"s" riders take note... its only for the offroad bikes.

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