Split the DRZ-S? ....got a better idea

Split up the Californians into a new board........

Now I understand how Barbara Boxer(sp?) got elected. Unbelievable................

I'm sorry I upset you so Bill. I'm sorry I posted an honest question, I don't know what I was thinking. I'm also sorry I entered the Suzuki family by such an unwanted stepchild of a motorcycle. I'm yet again sorry I try to have a sense of humor and you can't seem to grasp it. I've been regularly reading posts on this website for six months now and you regularly have valuable insight and information. I'm sorry I've offended you so greatly by trying to participate. I've learned an important lesson.

And isn't that typical...... Afraid you have OFFENDED someone.....or afraid someone offended you.

It wasn't you as much as the posts in the topic I linked you to in your other thread and the effects of "political correctness" at 'another site'. Sorry to pick you out to "go off on".

Just getting tired of hearing:

1)"California green sticker this....."

2) California this, California that.

We're sick of California already!!!!!!!!!!! Let your elected officials hear this stuff, because ... WE DON'T CARE!

I feel better now and back to my Prozac I go......


Don't worry, I still love ya brother. I'm just trying to make do with what I've got as best I can. The only time I bring up CA is if someone wants to street legalize a dirt bike and they live here. Other than that, the rest of CA is a great place to live (for motocross). How could you complain having tracks every two miles? Plus we've got desert, mountains, snow, heat. You promise to stay on your Prozac, I'll promise not to mention gripes about CA. (Oh, and I wasn't truly sorry. Please don't think I was afraid that I offended you because I didn't care. It's just tough to get dripping sarcasm come across sometimes.) :)

Go to rec.motorcycles.net and that will take care of the dripping sarcasm problem. Those guys are pros at it.

Group hug............ I didn't just say that did I?

I feel your pain ...........AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! :)

I've spent some time at rec.motorcycles.dirt and learned one imporant lesson (by watching others, not by experience). Avoid spam, or hint of spam, at all costs (which thankfully has been completely avoided here). Some poor sap was a little too close to spam-action, and they lit on him like nobody's business. Besides the rare flare-up around here, this is a very calm, professional, mature site.

I go to rmd when I need a good laugh. Those guy's wits are dangerously sharp. It's rare in this day and age. It's refreshing.........

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