Transmission Rebuild...Whos done it?

Well, the inevitable happened....My transmission finally gave up 5th gear. Now I'm in the process of pulling the motor out and then split her open and see what else I need to fix.

What died in your trans and how much did it cost? Thanks for the help.

And for those of you who say search, I'm still in the process so cut me some slack.

Get yourself a manual!

You'll need lots of tools!

Take digital photos of bits as you remove them so you know where to put them back!

Take note of spacers washers etc.

Be carefull! Lock tight anything that requires it!

The fifth gear missing is caused by the incorrect shim positions(so I have been told) This causes the shift forks to bend. Those dog gears related get hammered then you get the in/out of 5th under load.

There is a write up of this somewhere on this site!

Don't stress this has happened to alot of people! I think the new shift forks may actually be a stronger design. Check when you get the new ones.

Unlucky this problem also cost me plenty! :thumbsup:

Just go steady you'll get there!

Yamaha should be ashamed of themselves for this! :thumbsup:


One day, going about 100 km/h on a highway with my -99 WR400 the engine suddenly just stopped and the rear wheel was stuck... :thumbsup:

I had a small oil leakage at my drive axle and the transmission ran out of oil.

The 2:nd and 3:rd gear sprocket seized on the drive axle. Hard to drive with 2 gears at the same time...

I splitted the motor myself and changed the drive axle and one sprocket. I think the total cost was around $100.

They didn't.

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