damaged drain plug

Can anyone tell me what the size of the oil drain plug under the frame,not engine is?Mine got rounded off the last time I did my oil.I dont want to take it out and do more damage first get a new one.Any help here will be greatly appreciated.



You mean the one on the reservoir on the frame downtube.


Thats right Perry.


It's a 10 mm 125 pitch (fine). They make em soft to protect your threads. Try using a 6 point socket instead of the 12 point. Stock PN is 09247-0008 ($1.70 AD). I rolled mine as well.


In Baja I had a rock hit my stock skid plate so hard it bent in and took a chunk out of my drain plug loosening it up. I found a puddle of oil under my bike the next morning at Mike's sky ranch. Now I have a Scotts skid plate. Still need a drain plug. I only use 6 point sockets because 12 point strip out.

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