Another Californian......... Sorry, bad joke. Welcome to the site. When you get ready to race MX, just let me know(another bad joke)............. :)

[ November 30, 2001: Message edited by: DR.billZ ]

xeladrz - you'll have to excuse DRBillZ. He's a sick, sick man. :D We all hope that he'll show signs of improvement some day, but at least he brings humor to the forum (or he tries). :)

Spend some time with the search feature at the top of the page. Also change the view setting to look at all of the posts for the last year (for example). There is a wealth of information on this website, and you'll know your DRZ better than your dealer does in no time. Have fun.

Please excuse DRbillZ. The valves in his head are soft.


hello, I have a DRZ-S, (my english level is low), I live in Spain.


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