Did I get a bad set of Unabikers, or is it me?

Hello all,

Well, it's finally happened.

I have been unable to solve a problem by searching the forums and must prostrate myself before the thumpertalk gods in search of an answer!

As per the advice of others on here, I recently ordered a set of unabiker radiator guards for my '04 WR450f. I went out to install them today, and the front pieces (what I call the grills) went on perfectly. All the holes lined up just fine.

However, the rear pieces (what I'll call the braces) do not fit at all. It appears they are too wide, and there's no way it seems I could bend them enough to make them fit. Even if I could, I doubt the radiator shrouds would go back on without major problems. FYI, the space between the two bends on the brace (the section which gives the brace it's width) is roughly 5 1/2".

I've posted a picture - take a look. This picture is taken from the top, like if you were sitting on the bike.

Does this seem odd? Everyone has raved about the fit and easy installation of the unabiker guards, so this has me puzzled.

I may call Brian at Unabiker this week, but any thoughts from members of this forum will be greatly appreciated. You all have been tremendously helpful in the past. I can't tell you how many dollars and hours in the garage I've spent as a result of the encouragement and advice I take away from this forum.

All hail the thumpertalk gods, and thanks in advance!



You might have the left and right brace mixed up? :thumbsup:

Have you tried swapping them?

i took some pics of mine

i just ordered these before easter

together with the rads in pics (fluidynes)

they seem very different to yours!?!

could it be i have fluidyne specific braces? or maybe 06 braces are just different and suite fluidyne better?









It is possible Brain sent the wrong ones, I have heard of that happening before. On my 2004 WR I had one helluva hard time getting one side to fit. Upon further review we noticed my rad was already bent to hell. So after the Radiator shop fixed my rad, the Unabikers went on like a dream. So to sum it up, they should fit perfectly. If they dont, something is wrong. Either you got the wrong parts, or your rads are already bent (it doesnt take much to really throw them off). Call Brian. He takes his products and service very seriously. :thumbsup:

I know Brian here in Indy and he makes a fantastic product! I did not get a set of instructions with mine since I picked it up from his shop. I think you are mounting it wrong. The product in the pictures looks correct. Mine mount between the frame and the tank. Looks like you are trying to put it over the tank mount and not behind the tank! :thumbsup:

I know the radiators aren't bent. Indy WR_450 may have the answer - I'll see if I can slip the brace bracket behind the tank mount. I'll try that tonight when I get home. Hopefully I won't have to call Brian.

I would be more than ready to believe and accept that my lack of mechanical skills is at fault here, rather than the craftsmanship of the guards. Thanks all for the suggestions!


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