Lowering my seat height

Could somebody please tell me the difference in the hole centre measurements between drz3 kouba links to stock links?

Kouba links are not available in Aust,i have a mate with a cnc router ,he says he can make me some, just need dimensions , any advice would be much appreciated. I am only 5,7" and the bike is way to tall in tight woods and hillclimbs when the going is slow

Regards David

If noone responds...

Do it yourself. No two people are alike so remove links with bike on an adjustable bike stand or jack and set to height you prefer and measure. If he has a cnc unit then all isn't lost if the first try is a bit wrong.

Make sure sag is right first

Hi Troony, I'm 5'5" and I use the DRZ3 Koubalinks. I'm at work right now but I will try to remember to measure them tonight if possible. Don't forget that you will have to lower the front also if you want your bike to keep it's original geometry. Installing an extra set of inverted top clamp provides 1.5 additionnal inches. I also added the lower seat and I cannot almost flat-foot when stopped. It feels "safer" when going through very slow technical sections in the woods. If you weigh more than about 165/170, you will probably have to change the spring on your shock.

Johnnydrz - Blue 400S

TYPO: I CAN almost flat-foot when stopped!!!


Johnnydrz Blue 400S

The DRZ3 links are 135mm from center-to-center of the holes. Sorry it took so long. Hope it helps.

Johnnydrz Blue 2000 400S

Thanks for the reply johnnydrz i weigh 195 without my gear so i think i will need a heavier rear spring

On small whoops the back end bounces around a bit, i also might get it revalved

The front seems OK as i dont do many jumps, it feels solid enough,the clickers are screwed in

thanks for the advice

much appreciated


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