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Intial Modifications, some thoughts-long

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I've only been reading this board for a couple weeks and got some basic ideas for some intial mods for my DRZe. Of course I looked for posts to learn what had worked for other owners.

Got some jetting ideas, read about removing the

coast down diaphram EPA item and the black crankcase vent box.

Good info all, buts lots of details left out.

Like you have to remove the pipe to do just about

anything on the left side. And the Carb is very

tricky to get out and involves removing throttle

cables, pink vent hoses, the electrical box on

the left frame rail (don't know what it's called)

unplugging the TPS and a bunch of other stuff I

can't remember. Finally got it out. What a PITA!

Many posts here about removing the snorkel

in the air box. I assume everyone means the entire

air box rubber cover which has the snorkel built

into it as a unit? NO one has ever expressed this

little detail. Sure, I could just CUT OUT the snorkel or do the obvious; revmove the whole

COVER. It's an entire rubber cover guys, not a snorkel alone per se.

And what about the back fire screen? No one has ever mentioned this.

On other bikes i've had the backfire screen was the first thing to

go, very restrictive. Any thoughts on this? (it is located on the other side of

the air filter. It is a metal screen.

Anyway, went with a 155 main, depite the consensus here

being a 165. Seemed like too big a jump to me with a stock pipe

and my friends at FACTORY here in San Rafael where

I live agreed. They sell jet kits and other stuff and

have Dyno tuned several of my street bikes with

great success. They are currently working on a jet kit for the DRZ.e

I went with the 48 pilot, which Suzuki does not

sell or offer as an alternate jet. Factory of course had it.

I guessed on the air screw setting and went two

and a half turns out. Anyone have any brilliant ideas for doing

the air screw adjustment with the carb on the bike?

Lowered the needle clip one position (thus raising the needle),

the needle now resides one position up from the bottom.

(stock is right in the middle)

The accelerator pump acuating arm came out with

removal of the float bowl, luckily I read one

owners experience with this problem and was able

to get it all back. Almost impossible to do with

carb on the motor. Carb must come out!

Funny, never read this little tid bit anywhere.

I'm sure I must have missed it. You could damage the carb

attempting this and scratch the **** out of your frame rails.

I'm really put off by all the pink vent/drain

hoses used by Suzuki. Anybody figured out a way

to simplify all this crap? What a mess!

I used a great photo posted on the board to cap

off the coast air injector diaphram thing and

Tee'd the crankcase vents and ran the hose down by

the shock, avoiding the pipe. I will come up with

a cleaner, less cumbersome route and method for this in future.

Crankcase vents should not be plugged, AKAIK.

I also hate Suzuki's idea for the radiator coolant

overflow tank. So much so that I decided to move

it. Can anybody guess where it now resides?

This thing is almost useless, even in extreme heat

it barely contains any fluid. In a way you don't

really need it at all. I'm tempted to toss it

and just be sure to check my coolant before every

ride like I've done on 20 or so two strokes I've

owned over the last 20 years.

I expected the bike to run poorly but I was

really surprized to find it runs great! Wheelies

in first 3 gears, and that is something it never

did before. Have yet to really do a long ride so

final verdict must wait, but I am hopeful. It was

a little cold blooded on start up and stalled once,

but throttle response was very crisp and power was great!

I have stock pipe on at the moment but will soon

go to am FMF, so I may go a little richer if need

be. I want to run as lean as possible and still

be very safe. Plug checks to follow.

Please detail any mods for the not so bright among us and I will try

to do the same. The carburator on this bike is one of the most

complex motorcycle carbs I've had the displeasure to mess with.

Can't wait till fuel injection!

Cheers, Patrick

San Rafael, CA 01' DRZe 01' KTM Duke 2 99' Tiger 95' Tiger 86' Reflex R6 on the way

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all that damn space in your message???? Scrolling is about as fun as picking splinters out of your ass after youv'e taken your DR-Z on a sight-seeing tour of the local BRIAR-PATCH!!!!

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Sorry about the double spaced post! I wrote the

message as an email and pasted it in. Aol did it. It was my first message to the board. Won't happen again. I can't stand writing in the provided dialouge box. Very hard to edit/review this way.

Also very slow and tiresome to read board messages

with my 56K dial-up modem, a mailing list is

much faster and easier.

Cheers, Patrick

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Prof.Moriarty,Have you did a search in the old drz400 misc forum?ThumperTalk lost a bunch of the old "detailed" topics a few months back when something happened to the forums,so we lost a lot of good info.Yeah,the backfire screen had been mentioned in the past and most people (then)thought it was best to leave it in place.If you do a check on the topic "fuel screw" you should find a lot of different opinions on the easiest way to get too it.Welcome aboard! :)

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Patrick,Check out the "I tried again and failed" post I brought back to the top.CaptZ in the thread gives a pretty good (easy)wasy to get to the main,pilot,and fuel screw with the carb still on the bike.

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Thanks to Tenn. Thumper for re-posting the carb

thread and to Capt. Z for the detailed account'

of carb removal.

I figured out most of this stuff along the way,

never thought of removing the sub-frame though.

It is much nicer with the black smog box gone.

And of course the coast/air injection EPA thing.

Still wondering if anyone has any ideas for eliminating or simplifing the pink carb vent/drain

hoses. These things bug me.

Still waiting for someone to guess where to mount

your coolant overflow tank.

Thanks for the help!


San Rafael, CA

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You guys are brutal....but it is kinda annoying...is it really that hard to change the jetting...A friend of mine and I will take the challenge this weekend...ordered a 48 pilot and a 165+170 main jet...Only have 105 miles on a new 2001 drz 400e and i want more bite....

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