just bought some new bars (renthals)

wow are they nice,

old stock S model bars weigh 2 lbs

new ones weigh 1.5 lbs

so only 1/2 a lb but the difference in the bend just sets them aparat like night and day.

these bars are about 1" higher, and the bike has more of a mottocross feel now

160 bucks (canadian) for new bars(CR high bend) and some new grips.

I give it a 5/5 star rating


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I'm 6'1" and a while back I asked for advice on the best handlebar for that height. Most guys about that height went for the CR Hi bend or the Jimmy Button. Obviously you're happy with your new bars, how tall are you?

6'5 :):D:D

I'm so happy, this is going to improve my riding so much!

Total height is not the only issue, it also depends on the relative length of your arms. If you have ape arms you might not need that much more bar height. I am 6'2" have Jimmy Button Renthals and still find that my E is cramped. When I stand it feels like my hands are too far back, like I am touching my knees. How are people moving their hands forward? Has anyone tried the poor-boy method of reversing a pair of stock bar clamps and using longer bolts?


Amen. I am 6'-2" and had the same problem. I installed Renthal Carmicheal bend bars and had them rolled forward some in the clamps. It felt pretty good sitting, but standing it felt like my hands were too close to my body, which made me feel like I was always scrunched over. I recently bought some custom designed/machined risers and it moved the bars about 1-1/4" higher and roughly the same amount forward. For the first time I can now stand and be truly comfortable. You can buy something similar from Baja Designs, but they will set you back $90 + shipping....ouch. I have limited seat time with them so far (recovering from ACL reconstruction), but my initial impression is very good. For us tall, lanky guys, I think it is the way to go.

Chuck- Charlotte, NC

Chuck what is the deal with those custom risers? What was the cost for those? Any chance of another pair? :) Anyone else have a line on some forward and upward risers?


Somebody here on the board had them up for bid on ebay. He is a machinist and just happens to ride a DRZ. I think he made a set for himself and one for a buddy- but his buddy sold the bike...or something like that. I think it was the only set he had- very nice work. Kinda neat to know that there is only one other pair like them in existence. Here's the link.


I love the irony, some sh*theads were making fun of them. Turns out they are really trick and I was simply lucky enough to fall into them- and for a ridiculously low price.

Your only option for risers at this point is probably BD. You could go the new T/C route, but now you're talking significantly more $.

Good Luck.

I designed my own bar risers, was going to make them myself but i showed the drawing to a friend that has a machine shop and he made me a set, i have not collected them yet so i don't know how good the are.

Like the guy on ebay i used the existing top clamp and bolts, i went forward the clamp centers and up the same amount 35mm. I liked his on ebay cause he countersunk the bolt heads so no edges to catch in an off. Mine i might get away with rounding off the sharp eddges of the brackets

If you have the tools such as a drill stand and enjoy tinkering its fun trying that stuff.

I will post a pick when i try them on my bike.

How about you making me a pair and in return I will say nice things about you? :D I will go price out the Baja Designs risers but I think the cost will frighten me. My Devol Rad gaurds were $145 CAN :)

I recently picked up a new set of bars for my DRZ. I have Renthal CR Highs on my YZ, and have used that bar/bend on the last few bikes I've owned. This time I purchased the MSR Dominator CR high, for $35, and it's proven to be a really decent bar. I'm 6', with "normal" length arms, and with both MSR and Renthals slightly rolled forward, find them very comfortable with regards to ridng position.

Originally posted by canucklehead DRZ400:

How about you making me a pair and in return I will say nice things about you? :D I will go price out the Baja Designs risers but I think the cost will frighten me. My Devol Rad gaurds were $145 CAN :)

I don't sell this stuff i just tinker at it like Red Green..lol for something to do in Winter to fight off the cabin fever.

Got to see if they work, dimensions and all that mallarky if they do i will email the dimensions and you can tailor them to your height.

Those rad braces would be a good winter project i wonder if i could design my own for the pure hallibut.

Sometimes you don't save any money making your own stuff as i said if you had a drill press and the material you could make your own risers easy enough but i made my own skid plate and by the time i paid for the material and bending and gave a buddy a box of beer for welding it the price was not much cheaper than a storebought. I needed the skidplate in a hurry though so i did not shop around for deals.

I am going to make my own bar risers also. My neighbor bought some that raised his up 1" but didn't move them forward at all. I rode the bike for a little bit and it made a huge difference in comfort. I would like to move the bars forward some but I am afraid that the risers will look strange when installed. If any of you guys could it would be helpfull if you would post some picks of your risers.

P.S. Your right about it being expensive to make your own stuff. I am lucky. I have my own fabrication and machine shop. That is what I do for a living. I even have enough scrap material to do most anything I need without having to buy anything specific.

Sounds good keep us updated on the progress. Cabin fever can really suck, not much here in terms of riding for awhile. The shoulder season between too much snow to ride and not enough powder and base in the mountains to ski really draaaaaaags.

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