OK Dad's...help me out

My five year old in riding a PW50. The bike runs like a top but has no bottom end (something he needs on the track when coming out of the corners). Do I bump him up to a KTM Jr. or do try a 3 speed honda or new ttr50. Any recommedations? Also, are those KTM's high maintenance or bulletproof like the pw's.

the ktm minis melt easly. they are a race bike that needs constant rebuilts.

get a crf50 or a ttr50.

If you're going to ride track the Ktm pro jr is a great bike. The clutch stack is the trick. Ktmtalk can set you straight. My boys were on the Pro jr at 4 At about 5 1/2 went to the pro sr. Now at 7 and 8 are on 65's. They rode the wheels off the ktms. You must change the trans fluid every ride. I used engine ice to keep them cool . Bottom line for the track they're hard to beat. They take a little more care, but I never had any major problems. Be carefull if you buy used really check them out. If you start with a good bike ,it's easy to keep up. You can tune the clutch to make the bike hit very hard or more like a race ready pw. If you like the pw and just want bottom end. I would install the qt gear setup . It gives the pw alot of bottom end. Do a search on the internet for pw + qt gears.

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