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My five year old is riding a pw50. Bike runs great but has no low end. He needs a little more power out of the turns. Im thinking about upgrading him to either a KTM Jr. or a 3 speed honda or yamaha. Anyone have any suggestions?

Well how good is he?? Because within a few years he will probably be stepping up to a 65cc right.

That's how they are, my son had the same problem with the PW50, it just accelerated too slowly, and the throttle stop screw made it even worse. So if you wanted it to accelerate, it also had a high top speed. We bought a TTR90 for him when he was 7, it has very nice smooth power, the downside is it's a bit heavy. The answer for you is a KTM 50 right now, but it will very soon be weak too. Wait another year and go for TTR. A 65 2-stroke is too powerful still for some years.

I know there are some pretty inexpensive mods you can do to the PW, although I am not sure what they are. I will look into it. My 5 year old in still on his first month of riding, so I still have the throttle screw in. It will be awhile till he needs mods. But I did here the owner of my dealership talking about some mods, I will get back to ya.

they are jetted very rich ... first off take the exhaust off in the head pipe near the cylinder there is a restricting washer take it out ... put pipe back on let him ride ..then after that there are smaller main jets. go down one .. put in new plug ,raise the needle one slot, that means lower the clip one.. then take the baffle out of back of exhaust you will see it is all clogged up with carbon.. clean it all off .. you will also see there is like a bullet at the end of the baffle.. grind off all the spot welds there are 3 then with a vice pull out the bullet and the mettle in the end so it is just an open tube.. put it back in run the bike it will be fantastic.. then after a couple rides check the plug if it is still rich go down one more on main...make sure you use yamaha INJECTOR oil and not 2 stroke oil it is different.. there you have it your kid will be jumpin soon and ill tell you how to stiffen forks have fun

A friend of mine went with a KTM 50 for his kid after a JR50. He spends more time working on that little bike (and more $) than he spends riding his own. I would discourage the 50cc race bikes (like the KTM) unless you are seriously competitive. For my own daughters, they went from the PW50 to a PW80, and now my 8 yo has a KX65 with a 10 oz fww.

In my opinion, you can't beat the TTR or CRF 50's for what you are trying to do. They are stone reliable, super smooth power with great torque, and when they outgrow it you can mod it for your own use as a pit bike (tons of aftermarket accessories). And as an added bonus, you will have the time and money to ride your own 'cause you won't be wasting it on fixing his little bike....


I agree with butta. I too had some friends who went the small ktm route and were constantly working on them. It's a heat thing. crf 50 / ttr ..they are just more fun for your dollar and easy to build basic skills for your little man to step up to a 65cc bike. My suggestion is find a good used crf ttr cause they grow fast and its expensive if your buying new bikes every year.

on that note and in my experience.. my son started on a pw50 rode the piss out of it.. I ot him an older cobra great suspension the motor was on or off .. if your kid isnt a real aresive personality your wastin your time.. my son rode the hell out of if for the rest of that yr and next yr wouldnt ride it hard .. was intimidated b the loud motor and power.. i said hell with it and ot him a klx 110 .. what a fantastic bike nice flat seat unlike pw/ttrs same size at a pw 80 xr 70 with more resale value and bigger motor decent suspension for a play bike.. that would be my move unless the kid is a way fast racer.. my son went from that to crf 80 for a month then straight to a klx/drz 125l playbike and now is ready for a race bike.. you want confidence in a kid who i ridin anfd nothin build confidence like a play bike that the kid can throw around safely... jmho

In my experiance, I have a 10 yr old son and a 6 year old dughter, you need to be thinking bigger. Leave him on the PW till he grows, it will happen soon enough. My son went from a PW 50 to KLX 110. He wasn't ready for a clutch the KLX was a great choice for me. But we don't race.

I suggest getting the most out of the pw50 then when he's bigger going to either a kx65 or TTR90...

Oh pffttt. Just buy him a 450 and be done with it! lol, no, I totally agree with ovrrdrive's post, try to get as much as you can out of the PW, because if you upgrade him now, hes in that stage where hes ready for a bigger bike, but if you get him one, he will outgrow it too fast and you will be buying 2 bikes.

We are there with the PW50 as well. He is currently riding a friends Cobra P3. It is there smallest/slowest 50 and has an exhaust restrictor to cut the HP in half to 4. He loves but yes it is loud. But I think that is one thing he likes about it! LOL. I thought about a TTR50 but I didn't see it as that much of a step up. But my son will probably race soon.

From what I can tell, the Cobras are a little more reliable than the KTMs but all the race 50s require some work. That said, he has 3 or 4 rides on the Cobra P3 and it has never missed a beat. If you go for the Cobra P3 go 05 or newer. The earlier ones had some issues with the frame breaking that were fixed in 05. Expect to pay 1500+.

Downside is the Cobra are, in my opinion, but ugly! LOL

Thanks guys, I really appreciate all of the input...Jason

I didn't see anybody mention sprockets. You could change those for more power low end and slower top speed.

I didn't see anybody mention sprockets. You could change those for more power low end and slower top speed.

Pw50's are shaft drive. :crazy:

I think you can still do some gear changes, but honestly the gear ratio is pretty good already.

Rather than change the gears I'd just put stiffer springs in the clutch for harder launches.

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