Fuel Shut off valve

This topic should be entertaining if you have a sence of humor. The dear little shutoff valve under my tank which controls my fuel pump (gravity). I generally leave it on all the time. Since when I do turn if off I am reminded as my buds and I are racing to the trail head to have the luxury of not eating dust and suddenly the bike gasps to a hault. God Bless the Button! I was tempted to drill a whole and wire it open since the jokers I ride with love to come over and admire my new bike while I am taking a whizz in the bushes and turn it off. Or how about when your all lined up at the base of the (HILL) checking out the guy on the right that just endoed and your buddy on the left reaches over and does the deed (off).

Enough of that. It is all in fun! I guess my real question is do most of you guys turn off the gas when you trailer your bike. I got into a discussion with my bud"s about while you are going down the rode the bike is back there on the trailer bouncing around causing the float to go up and down and spilling fuel over into the carb? I figure if the engine isn't running it can't get sucked up and wash the cylinder? I did notice a clean spot under the bike where all those pretty little pink hose's terminate one time. Have fun with this one everybody and lighten up a little :)

It's never happened with my DRZ, but with a couple of previous bikes if the fuel tap was left on with the engine off, the carb would flood quite quickly making starting a real bitch.

Force of habit now compels me to turn the fuel off if the bike's going to be parked for longer than 10-15 minutes.

Hey! I have the same kind of friemds. We use to roadrace the RZ and GPZ production classes in the 80's and the trick then was to ride by and hit the kill switch on the bars, talk about losing position.

Try this one; When your buddy is not looking pop off the spark plug boot and take a piece of electrical tape or paper and put it over the plug and pop the boot back on. :)

Edit,edit,edit P.S. I turn mine off while in transit and stroage.

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Some of you may remember Honda's OLD kill switches. They had 3 positons...... OFF/ON/OFF and were on a dial switch. It was real fun to reach over and turn your buddy's bike off while riding :)

We used to get such fun with Honda riders.......

1)Petcock trick

2)loose spark plug cap


4)Old Honda switches

5)mudhole splashes

Ah the fun of riding with friends..........

On Canadian 400S we have no off on the fuel switch

just ON RES and PRI for prime so no fun with the watching your mate get half way up the hill before fuel out gag :)

On the plug wire thing i remember a friend of mine many years ago had a 125 twin Yamaha two-stroke and if you switced the plug wires the engine would start but run in reverse!

First time we done it we thought it would not run but anyway he came out of the store hopped on it started it, seen us all watching so he reved it up and let out the clutch to power wheelie and promptly fell off much to our merriment :D

Like Dendrz said, the S models don't have an "off" position, but rather use vacuum to allow fuel to flow from the tank (I think). I leave mine in the "on" position all the time. It is important to turn the petcock to "off" on the YZF series, because it makes them even harder to start if it is left on while trailering it.

I left my petcock on with my E for 2 months and gas drained down and gummed up the rings and it would not start. Took me about 2 weeks to figure that one out with a few of my friends. And another good petcock story. The old VW bugs used to have a reserve lever under the dash with no fuel guage. When you ran out of gas you just switch to reserve and find a gas station. Unless your buddy would switch it to reserve when you weren't looking. Now THAT is a mean trick.

I plan on putting a generic model Keihn FCR39mm carb on my S over Christmas (from Carb Warehouse). I hear there is some Suzuki fitting that screws into the intake manifold and has a tube fitting that I could attach to my S's fuel valve to provide the needed vacume to operate it. My local dealer is an idiot, and I don't feel like spending an afternoon explaining this to him, so could anyone help me out with a part number or anything else that would help?



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