rear Tire selection

Need advise for the selection of a rear tire from experienced riders.

I use to buy intermediate terrain MX tires. I run many types of terrain from soft sand to compact dirt, going trough mud. I buy intermediate terrain tire to have a good average on all those types of riding. My problem is when hit gravel roads I either litteraly rip the studs off or the tires wears off really fast.

Does anyone know wich intermediate type tire can withstand gravel roads. If impossible, wich brand and model of tire will give me the best life expectancy on gavel roads.

Thank you!


Hard to beat the Michelin 12 series for durability. I ran the S12's front & rear on my Husaberg all year and they were awesome. Designed as a soft/sand/mud tire, but I put atleast 200 miles of street and a ton of miles in the dirt & mud, plus the dunes & two Colorado trips. When I sold the bike a few weeks ago the tires were still in excellent shape. They're going on my WR in a few weeks too!! You might look at the M12 (intermediate), but if you are concerned about mud & sand traction the S12's rip, plus work well in all other conditions too. 3 thumbs up!!

Try the Dunlop 739 A/T. I have over 1200 miles on mine, I did LA-BtoV (500 miles of Mojave rocks) and many miles after, no chunking and it works fine in the sand too. I'm putting a new one on next go round TOO. I think the 739 a/t has a stronger tread and sidewall that just a 739, so make sure you get the correct one.

Try Kenda Trackmaster. It is a Dunlop 752 knockoff so it is great in sand. It is also DOT rated and has very hard rubber which outlasts 753 3 to 4 times.

Yes, I know there is no such tire as a 753. Typo.

Heard nothing but good things about the M-12's so I threw them on front and rear. Front isn't bad(compared to the stock 739 rolleyes.gif ) but the rear has worn terribly fast,IMO. Figured a medium compound would have done better, wear wise. Ride mostly dirt/rocky single track so that, plus a heavy right hand may have killed the Michelin before it's time. Anyone else not impressed with the M-12 ?


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Doesn't Dunlop make a 739 "G" rear designed specifically for thumpers. I think the designator is a G.

Heard this from a YZ426 MXer. He said he has tried them all and loved the 739 best.



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Gues I'll try either the M12 or the 739. Before asking the question I was going to try a hard terrain MX tire, if nobody suggested me that, it probably mean that I will loose to mnuch traction on soft terrain.

Thanks again, hope it helped other TT'ers with the same fast wearing tire problem.

Bridgestone ED12 on the rear. Great for all conditions in my opinion. Very hard to find over here though (Aust.).

Jim Bob


I'm sure the 739 works great for the tracks in your area. How do they get away with calling asphalt-blue groove clay??!!!!


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Anyone try the Bridgestone M78-rear and the M77-front combo? ~Hit-man~


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Bridgestone M77 M78 combo is excellent. I ride in all types of terrain and wear is excellent. They handle and wear well even in ledgerock and gravel on the trails. I am also trying the new M59(I think) which doesn't have a 18 inch rear counterpart yet, but it performs excellent. I don't think you will be disappointed by the Bridgestones and you can order them for around $50 a tire plus shipping.


The M78's are great, and I run the ED11 front. I run about 17 to 20 lbs of air with UHD tubes. The rears last between 250 and 300 VERY HARD miles. The fronts last about 3 rears! The M78's are being fazed out and replaced with the M602. I'm trying one this weekend for the first time, so I'll post an up date soon! desertfoxx??? 1200 miles???? What kind of putting around do you do?


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My partner in crime (Steve Claus) here at TT mounted up a Michelin trials tire on his WR426 over the weekend and it rocked! The terrain was damp with lots of rocks and tree roots. Even a little mud. This tire hooked up awesome everywhere! Clearly, it was better than my 756 on the rocky steeps we rode. It looks wimpy on the bike, but I think I'm going to be mounting one up soon. Functionality over looks, eh? We'll be publishing a review soon. Stay tuned. grin.gif


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