DRZ Plastics and Footpegs

Firsty I must confess :) I am a lowlife "s" owner in super-motard trim so I guess I must sit way down the pecking order with the "e" guys!

Any-way my question is, will the aftermaket side panels and rad scoops for the "e" fit on the "s" as most dealers only list the "e", and can someone recommend where I can get some in the UK? and if anyone has bought some, how do they fit on the "s".

Also will RM wide foot-rest fit the DRZ as I cant seem to find any listed for the DRZ in the books yet?

Thanks in advance.

The E plastics are the same. As I've got a blue 00 S and my mate has a Yellow 00 E Don't know about the foot pegs.

Try MD Racing 01935 429646

UFO Plastics

3976 Front fender £15.95

3978 Rad covers £33.95 pair

3979 side panals £34.95 pair

3980 Rear fender £17.95

3981 r/side panel £15.95

3982 l/side panel £23.95

I bet you have the same cataloge :)

or try www.racespec.co.uk

you tell me what you want ill do you a good deal, the acerbis kit tends to be better than the ufo although i can supply both



Just put on a set of IMS Pro-Series wide foot pegs that are listed as being for a RM. Called the manufacturer fist to make sure. Definitely helped me.

I waited 2 months for White Bros. to ship DSP titanium pegs that the catalog said would fit the DRZ. The pegs never materialized. So, I spent the extra 20 bucks and got the ProCircuit pegs the catalog said would fit the RM with no mention of the DRZ. The pegs fit better than the stock pegs! Wide pegs are a must for the S!!!! Those skinny stock pegs suck!

Tom:- I've been searching for replacement headlight/indicators and taillight/indicators assemblies for ages (to make my bike more forest-friendly). I knew Acerbis made DRZ-S compatible pieces, but they don't list the DRZ on their literature, so it's difficult to know what to order. If you can supply or can point me in the right direction, great! Please email me at plasmasurge@btinternet.com - Thanks!

Leisure Trail advertise two types of wide footrests. One set in stainless at £50 and one set called Prospec at an eyewatering £70. Don't know if they are any good but both fit the 'S'





I've just read on another forum that the rear fender of an E does fit the S but needs to be modified as the E has a different rear subframe.

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