50/70/80 idea

I'm not sure if this has been done before (most likley has) but, would this work??: ok, i was thinking bout picking up a wrecked 50/70 or 80 frame and instead of buying a pit bike that will likley break, getting one of those frames and droping a 125cc or bigger engine in it. would this work?? please help me out! lol


yeah, i'm with ya. But why not toss a 500 motor in a 80 frame.

No your talkin' . :thumbsup:

ya it should work. Ive seen a couple of KX/CR 85 frames with KX/CR 500 motors

There was a kx80 with a kx500 motor forsale not to long ago. I say do it.

Awesome! yeah if im gunna be putting a big engine in it deffently a 80 frame. can u's recomend a model or stick with kx80?

Does anyone know where to pick up a 80 or 90 frame? looking on ebay but nothing so far..... Please help me lol


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