Adding color to the blue WR

I'm intrested in adding yellow or white plastic to the too blue WR.

I think these would look good with yellow front and read fenders (like a Husky) but never saw one.

Any one have pick of any mixed colors?


White '01 in "My garage." :thumbsup:

Check out the Yamaha Europe web site some time. Some of those race bikes look cool with the blue plastic and the red number plates, etc.

I have a multiple personality WR. When just playing around it has its blue and white plastic on. But when it comes time to turn some heads it puts the all black plastic on. With custom graphics and everything carbon fiber, oh and all the little parts are red anodized along with the new black excel rims and red anodized talon hubs. She sure looks good when she gets dressed up!

Where did you get black plastic fenders and shrouds from? :thumbsup:

I saw a new WR 250f with a blue frame and yellow fenders, shrouds, and gas tank with the hurricane graphics onces. It looked sano because the frame paint wasn't worn off (I think it was new). If the frame paint was worn I'd imagine it would look pretty ghetto

Here's the color scheme I'm finishing for my 02 -

White IMS YZ tank, hurricane yellow front fender from ONE, Shroud and tank graphics to offset the white a bit - I'll post pics when the parts finally arrive - the only change will be that my number plates will have a yellow background to match the front fender.

I really like the white. There's a religious team in arena-x that has mostly white YZFs with white gripper seat covers. Anyone know where to get them? They look sick. Black was badass before every Mulisha wannabe did it. Still looks real nice untill it's scratched.

The link from ripmeister has a good looking bike.

That was kind of like the look I'm after. Thanks

Where did you get black plastic fenders and shrouds from? :lol:

Well I got the fenders and shrouds from (the shrouds are yz). I got my side plates from a guy on ebay and yes they were made for the WR from what I understand they are very rare, they are made by one industries. I have a black clark tank. I am missing the front number plate in black though (took the headlight off). I'll get one! And I just got a sick set of wheels off of ebay, Black excel wheels with red talon hubs and oversized spokes for 660 bucks. Im looking forward to the spring poker run at rampart!!! :crazy::ride::ride:

check out my garage 01 wr250f that i yellowed and yzf'd, i like it even with the blue frame, but i dunno how long it'll b blue

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