Once dialed in (uncorked)

Once all is right, dialed in that is, after you uncork, man what a fun bike. My cold starts are so easy now and idles right away now - no more need for playing with the gas and the choke to keep it running while cold (stock condition) I now start on half choke and take it off almost immediately and let it idle while I gear up, an occasional blip of the throttle during even the warm up process is crisp. I love my XR650L.

Mods: uncorked, IMS smog block off kit, UNI air filter, snorkle removed, Dynojet main (165) and needle (kehein 55 pilot), white brothers E-2 pipe, Baja Dsigns skid plate, acerbis fork and disc brake guard. Acerbis XR400 front fender, tank wings removed, XR's only temp dipstick (runs about 200 degrees on teh street and 240ish off road) Dunlop 606 tires.

Next mods: chain and sprockets (sidewinder) after the OEM wears out.

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