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hey stephen, you plan on a new exhaust?

maybe since we live so close, if your not in a hurry to get your exhaust, first thing come spring, we'll go riding offroad. Then you can see if you like my big gun full race exhaust.

It's not like if you bought a pipe now you'd really get much use out of it anyways.

Also, it's one thing listening to what people say on forums, it's another actually hearing the exhaust. Plus we gota go riding anyways :)

Hi Craig

Sound like a plan. I would just like to get the exhuast soon because my guy at the shop owes me a favour so I want to do it before he forgets.

kewl kewl, I don't blame ya for wanting it soon either way

what are you planning to go with?

yosh or big gun?


hey, also go check your mail, I sent you a sound file

[ December 02, 2001: Message edited by: Gyro ]

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