Organised trail rides\how too?

What are the necessary requirements for running an organised trail ride?

Would it have to be ran by a CMA or AMA affiliated club for insurance reasons or does the owners dualsport insurance suffice?

Also what would the typical trail milage on a run.

Just wondering what would be involved in trying to run one here in New Brunswick to raise money for a charity next year.

heh, sounds like fun :)

I would asume with so many people attending you would need some sort of liability.

try contacting these people

Canadian motorcycle association

Here is a thought.. in with the entry fee or whatever have each rider purchase their own insurance for the day. It may be cheap. AMA doesnt need to be involved in everything and if they are it means all your participants will need fresh ama cards and half your charity money will go to the goofy monthly magazine that has never had 1 good HS or Enduro article.

Virginia Championship Hare Scramble Series is an example.

6 bucks for a yearly card.

cheap entry fee

cheap gate fee

It was a pleasure racing there but it was just too far away for us. Contact Greer on the website and get a little help.

Good Luck!

Does the AMA do sanctioning in Canada?

No it would be the CMA i mentioned the AMA as i imagine the policy on club events might be similar.

I am currently in the planning stages of an organised ride. It will be held by a club we have here in Ontario ODSC, it is not going to be an enduro or any kind of race, just a bunch of guys out for a blast. I was planning on a one day ride at about 300km but they told me you have to consider the terrain, other riders, lunch breaks, smoke breaks etc... I am going to cut it down to just under 200km. I have do a few organised ride with the club and they all in the 180 to 220 km range. Strange how I can go out and zip around, knock off 400km in an afternoon but do it with a group of riders at different experience levels and it would take two days, mined you, I only stop for gas! I few things I have also thought about were get emergency contact numbers of the people that you are going riding with. If "John" fell and got a concussion it might be nice to know who and were he came from and maybe let his wife know.

If you need a hand, check out the links on my web page for the Ontario Dual Sport Club and the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders and maybe drop them a line and see if they can give some more info.

For those on the S. Ontario area I will post info on the ride in the spring. It will be in the Midland area.

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va3mod, interesting about your trail ride, i am going to try and do at least one trail ride in Ontario next year, its a 14 hour drive from here to Toronto for example so if i can get another few guys from here interested it would help with the travel cost/driving etc.

Would also give us an idea of what kind of trails and so on to run one of these things.

I want to do that Calibogie trail ride for sure.

We have nothing in NB for organised trail rides so it would be nice to get one per year here and one in Nova-Scotia.

Cross border to Maine, is there any clubs there that run any?

Hi dendrz

The trails are usually rail trail / snowmobile trails, county forest, un-assumed / abandoned roads and a dose of single track tossed in for fun, and of course there may have to be some sections of road to connect trails. If there is a difficult section that some riders may not be able to handle there is always a way around.

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