What does it take to get E street legal

I have a 2001 400S,the bike is awesome,but i find

myself in the dirt about 98% of the time,so what

im getting at is i want to get an E but also want

to be legal on the on the road.My dealer says

all i have to do is take the registration forms

down to the M.T.O and voila i will have a street

plate,because a brand new machine does not need

a safety.OK if its that easy why isnt everybody

doing it ? And what about insurance?Doesn't the

ins companies Know the difference?I dont want to

half to fork out $800 on a kit.I am just toying

with the idea for now because my dealer says it

will be cheaper to upgrade every 2 yrs vs every year.And by the way i live in canada (ontario)I am going to stop ramblin now . thanks for any info.


I'm not sure about Canada but because it doesn't meet calif smog I can't do it here. Other states you just need the Baja Designs kit, Lights turn sig.......etc.

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