06 grey wire confirmation

Well, after doing all the free mods, I decided not to disconnect the grey wire, ride awhile and see if there is a big difference when unplugged. Since most people do all the free mods at once, there was no info on just the isolated grey wire mod results. After four rides I finally pulled the plug and must say the mid range is at least 75% stronger. Huge difference. The reason I decided to do this, is because of the debate about "is the Canadian model the same as US since some dealers were saying that on the Canadian model you didn't have to unplug the wire".

So, if you haven't done the wire mod yet... don't hesitate to do it. You'll be really impressed. :thumbsup:


well at least you did it in the right order - some ppl do the grey wire mod but do not re-jet, open airbox and add a pipe (or at least remove baffle) - then they complain that the grey wire mod is a bit of a con ...

glad to know this, I spoke to a delaer today and they said the grey wire is not a needed mod for the canadian models.


I got the same answer from the mechanic at my dealership too. It shows us that we shouldn't trust all of our mechanics. There are good ones out there but not all...

Apparently, the 03-04 WR450 Canadian models were different and didn't have the grey wire. The 05 and 06 models are US spec and do have the grey wire. When you get your bike, I suggest you do the same thing I did. You'll be amazed. Once the revs go up, the power seems flat in the midrange with the grey wire connected (I couldn't get the wheel up in 3rd at all). When you unplug it, you can pop the front wheel in third even fourth gear almost anywhere in the RPM range. :crazy:


yup thanks, i will, my bike should be here on Tuesday, im heading out the next weekend 240km away to pick her up, can't wait, got mods ordered already.

Is it only the WR's that have it or does the YZF have it to?

Can someone direct me to the location of the grey wire mod?where is the harness located and the easyiest way to access it? I have an 06 wr450. Thanks Chad

Only the WR has this - The YZ is already there. The mod sets the WR timing vs throttle position vs rpm to the same map as the YZ.

The grey wire mod is here. Its the same for the 250 and 450.


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