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Riding Underwater!

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I took the weekend off from singletrack on the DRZ. Instead my buddy let me ride his Gavin scooter at Catalina. Yeah, it only does about 2 kts. But, any faster would rip the mask off my face. The Gavin's a torquey beast with awesome manuverability! :D Man that was fun! By the way, I've been amazed how many guys I meet diving also ride. One of the basic open water students on the boat today rode the Baja 1000 . . . made for great conversation on the way to the island. Would you believe some folks sunk a Christmas tree and decorated it with whatever they could find on the bottom? (kinda dorky but still cool to see how much fun they had doing it) As much fun as I had I still missed riding my DRZ. :)

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