03' starter conversion/power now plus questions:


I'll apologize now for the length/breadth of this post. I've got a couple questions concerning the 03' starter conversion and the power now plus.

With regard to the starter converion: One of the posts mentioned that if the failure hasn't occured within 800 miles it's not likely to ever occur. I've currently got close to 5000 miles on my 03' WR450 and haven't had the failure. However, my starter clutch has failed (starter freewheels) and I'm trying to determine if I should go ahead with the extra $$ for the upgrade, replace only the starter clutch or remove the starter and battery altogether to save $$ and weight and since the bikes kicks right over with the poor man's method.

1.) In replacing the starter clutch would the woodruff key need to be removed? In other words, would I be removing the offending parts and starting my "Russian-Roullette" all over again after the starter clutch replacement?

2.) If I opt to remove the battery and starter, how much weight is saved and how difficult is it to perform? Any links for this procedure?

With regard to the power now plus: At 500 miles I had the YZF cam installed, added the standard power now, did all the free mods, and shortly thereafter added a YZF needle. The bike flat rips as it is and actually displaced my 04 CRF450R in my garage. (Nothing against the Honda -it was a fantastic bike and never failed me, but it would have needed more to cross into the woods than my WR needed to hammer the desert. Plus the Honda's are more maintenance needy.)

1.) Has anyone tried the power now plus after the power now and if so, was it worth the $100.00?

2.) Is it easy to install? Links, procedures, tips, etc???



2003 WR450 (YZF Cam, power now, YZF Needle, all the free mods, some miscellanous other odds and ends...)

what is power now? can you send a link?

i see powernow plus for the 450 but not the powner now.. it just lists YZ/WRF400 '03-'05 which doesn't exist...

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