Summers fork brace

I have read the post about the fork brace. Is it really that good? I have noticed the wandering and the push in turns. Ive had my suspension done by PRO-ACTION for MX. I ride alot of MX and do well on the DRZ. Got a 4th this weekend in the +30 class (2nd the first moto and 4th the seciond). Ive also lowered the forks 2mm in the triple clams which helped the push a little. Do you guys recommend this before a steering stabilizer?

Thanks in advance Mark

Push can be caused just from weight. If that is the case, then the forks need to be pushed out in the clamps(all the way down) to get weight OFF the front end.

As far as the fork brace goes...... I have a hard time thinking it's necessary. I'd get it if you do a LOT of are riding the bike beyond it's limits.

I know for sure an XR400 desperately needs a fork brace. I have not noticed much fork flex on the DRZ, but I could see where it could be used for MX.

If you really NOTICE the flex, then get the brace. If you think you need one because a media outlet "planted the seed" , then............

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Dr Bill

I notice the flex and head shake alot. I ride almost all MX and some trails. I push the bike to its limits. 70ft tables 50 ft doubles big whoops and stutter bumps. I know the DRZ is not designed for this type of riding, but when I bought it this wasnt the plan. I dont want to sell it and buy an mx bike cecause I love the motor with the mods and yosh pipe. I also like the weight it keeps me closer to the ground and dosent surprise me. I have no major complaints about the bike even for +30 MX which I have been riding for years on 2smokes. I just want to try to keep the front end a little more stable. So back to the original ????, Steering stabilizer or fork brace?

Its not that bad but I get alot of arm pump trying to fight it. I was at a toss up about aluminum handle bars and a stablizer or the fork brace. Ive never used either so I can not compare.


headshake and fork flex are different things. Steepening the steering angle, raising the forks in the clamps(lowering the front end) will cause an increase in headshake....if that is what you did.

A steering stabilizer will help. I have raced MX on mine(top 2-3 Vet/SeniorB Class) and experience no headshake at all. Never have....of course I have had a steering damper on the bike most of it's life also.

I got both the steering stabilizer (wer) and the fork brace. I put the fork brace on first and noticed that the steering is "crisper", great for high speed trail riding. But then again I weigh 235 with gear. If you are 180lbs or less, I don't know if the brace would make that much difference. What does make a difference is the stabilizer. It saves my butt on a regular basis. Especially if you get squirrly in the whoops. If I had to do it over again, I would buy the stabilizer first. What brand to get is always a subject of debate. I ride about 50/50 trail vs. track and the WER works well. But is seems like the majority of the riding that you do is at the track. I guess I would edge more towards the Scotts.

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