Which to buy????????

In the market for a new bike. In the past had Cr125, Cr250, and the last was a RMX250. Some of my riding buddies went to Quads and I was foolish enough to follow. I need something on two wheels again that actually takes some skill to ride. Automatic Quads are for old men!!!!

Any advice on what to buy? Looking at the DRZ and the WR (maybe the XR400, but not my first choice). If anyone has ridden both or all three let me know your impressions. Consider myself a average to good rider and ride a variety of terrain.


I looked and rode and looked and rode and ended up on the DRZ400E. I was getting real tired of kick starting bikes. Push button starting rocks! Not to mention, the bike rips and handles great on the trails.

I have a 2001 DRZ 400 and wouldn't even trade it for a million dollars. Well maybe a million dollars, because I could buy lots of DRZ's and other...........

That is besides the point. I picked the DRZ over a WR for two reasons. The DRZ was cheaper and it felt lighter. The WR 400 I rode felt bulky and cumbersome. It just didn't feel as nimble as the DRZ did. I didn't even look at the XR 400 because I wanted a liquid cooled bike that was a bit "more modern".

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Well, I don't have any time on the DRZ. I came from a DR350S that I made "many" upgrades to. I know it may seem extreme but have you looked at the XR650R? I have lots of time on my '00 650R and a '01 WR426. I wouldn't even think about XR 400. For my use, the 650 is best overall. At 277lbs, it's similar to other Japanese 4 strokes but with 650cc's. What type of riding will you be doing.

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