XRL Exhaust

I am looking to possibly change from my XR's only header and exhaust. I have a big-bore high compression piston, valve job with ported head, HRC cam, etc. and I like the way the XR's only exhaust performs, however I am looking for something quieter....Any Suggestions? I am hoping to not loose too much power, even putting a closed end cap with 12-16 discs results in a loss at the throttle. I have no experience with any other exhaust...I was looking at Approvich, Big Gun, FMF, White Bros, etc.

from what ive heard big gun are really loud, i like my staintune, the pipe is really well designed, there wasnt much noise difference between the baffle being in and the baffle being out just the power

do you have the quiet core insert?

I have an XRs only header and muffler w/ quiet core and it is fine...around 96db

It has a nice raspy sound and has really jacked up he low end power.

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