Rear Shock - Ut Oh

Last month it wa the front shock and yesterday I blew out the rear. All I've got now is a spring with no damping. What happened? What broke? What's it going to cost me to fix it? Should I just replace it with something better? What's out there that's "tried & true".

I'm an intermediate rider weighing about 205.


"front shock".....must be quad rider.

Another useful post from Bill :)

Get them revalved for your weight and riding style from a reputable shop. WER, MX-Tech, or Race Tech should be able to get a handle on your situation.

Sorry. I should have said: "This is not a quad Forum."

Duuude, springs for big air and a case of slimfast.


[ December 03, 2001: Message edited by: Hotler ]

Most likely all you did was blow out the seal. take the shock off and bring it to any reputable motorcycle suspension shop. Should be less than $100 to fix including a new seal.

I'm not sure if you need to respring. I'm not sure what the stock spring is rated for. A suspension shop would help in that part. If you have to mail it out to get it fixed. WER does good work


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