DRZ or XR or WR?

Shopping these three bikes. Had several 2-strokes before, but this time want a thumper. DRZ appeals in many areas especially the electric start. Any riding comparisons/complaints about these bikes?


Read the post "Which To Buy???????" That guy has the same question as you.

All three are great bikes, all three are intended for different purposes. It all depends on what you want to do with it. I just realized the post Ride101 referenced is one that you already posted a while back. Use the search feature in both the DRZ and WR forum, because the question comes up often. To help us better, what do you expect the bike to be able to do?

Hello M. Dunn

Well of course I am going to recommend that you get a DRZ, or I wouldn’t be in this forum. Take a look at a review I have written on the ODSC website under bike reviews.

Also the bike show is coming soon (Jan 4,5 and 6) The ODSC will be there and you can ask some of the riders what they recommend.

Personally, I think the XR is a little outdated technology wise. Air cooled, low compression etc…

What type of riding to you plans on doing? I think you will find the DRZ400 is much better suited to most trails in S.Ont.




Very happy.


I was in the same spot a couple months ago. For me it was the xR or DRZ-E. That button tipped the scale and I have no regrets so far. I would go for the 2002 model if I were to do it over. :)


Let's see, almost 13:1 compression on pump gas, 4-valves, water cooled, fairly good suspension, and oh that MAGIC button. There should be some good deals out there, it pays to shop.

I had a 97 XR before my 01 DRZ (kicker) and have ridden WRs. The choice would depend on where you ride, if you race and how much you could get one of these for. Although the XR is a great bike, it would have to be much cheaper (at least $500) than the others. The XR motor is much gruntier, good woods bike but the suspension needs valving/springs. Out of the box the DRZ has great suspension for deep woods but needs stiffer springs for fast stuff or heavier riders. Also the seat needs to be reshaped but the power with the stock pipe is great AND quiet. The WR has a great motor for more open spaces, but it's not as good of a tite woods bike. If this was going to be my only dirt bike, (I race a YZ250f) I'd get the KTM, otherwise the DRZ e-start.

The XR is a great bike. If you crash alot or ride desert you don't have to worry about over heating of loosing all your water when you tear off the radiators. The XR is a good sliding bike and parts are cheep and easy to come by.

The DRZ is a more advanced bike. Its faster, better handling and will last longer becaues its water cooled. Don't crash it. If your 50 miles out in the desert and damage your radiator your walking. Parts cost more and its harder to work on.

Never had a WR/YZ sorry

It all depends on what kind of riding your doing and how good you are. Do you crash all the time?

They are all great bikes

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