Man do I love my almost local bike dealer!!

I know a guy that works there sorta, because he remembers me from when I bought my big gun race exhaust from them. well anyways, I went in today in hopes of buying a new 99rm white front number plate. I told him about how I was trying to get a clarke tank, and a new rear tire and he was more then happy to show me all the different tanks made for my bike, all the tires and which was best. then not only did he show me tons of add ons for my bike but he sugested ideas on what I could do for suspension later on (get some 250 forks/shock and have them revlaved/rebuilt by valve-tech) wow was this guy friendly.

Sturgis cycle, Hamilton ontario

Telephone 905-522-0503

615 king st.west

I'll never go to cycle city or any other bike shops again, from now on it's sturgis. :)

Good to know. I'll use this guy when I can.

A good dealer is invaluable, and is worth paying for, even though it seems that even when I'm willing to pay him more for his service he's often cheaper. My dealer (Honda/Suzuki of Madera) is always there for me whether it be showing me parts, explaining differences, how-to, or anything else. Yet even with all of the extra service he provides, I got my Tech-8 boots cheaper there than other local dealers (or mail order) and when I rejetted my bike he just gave me the jets for free! When you find a dealer that takes care of you, just remember to take care of him. I go out of my way to buy parts there.

Since we are on the free advertising subject…

I have nothing but good things to say about my dealer. They have really gone out of their way for me many times.

Example – I really want to Cycra hand guards, but no one in my area carried them. So my dealer got him set up as a dealer for me so they could bring them in. The next day he called me to tell me when they would be in!

I not even going to mention all the free turn signals they gave me.

It’s the little things that make a dealer a cut above the rest.

Suzuki of Brampton

Tel: (905)459-0190 Fax: (905)459-0741

181 Canam Cres

Brampton Ontario

Sounds like a good SALESMAN to me.........

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