Rekluse 2004 fits 2006?

I have a question to you, since the Rekluse site does not answer that question, nor does the customer service request ever answer any questions. I have a Rekluse in my WR450F 2004 does it fit in the YZ450F 2006 that I intend to buy?

Call Rekluse and talk to Charlie in customer service. He has been very helpful and probably knows or can find out the answer to your question. 208-426-0659.

The stock clutch components of the two bikes are the same, so I don't see why it wouldn't.

i tried taking it from my wr to my yz and ended up having to replace all the components shortly after(about 1,000 miles,total around 2500) i was told they are good for over 5k easy,it never did work right again after it was installed in the yz and eventually failed. i'm not sure but i'd have to venture a guess that once the parts break into a certain bike,they more than likely will fail faster if given a new home :thumbsup:

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