Suspension 2004 fits in 2006?

Another question, can anyone tell me if I can place my existing 2004 Ohlins suspension (front & rear) in the 2006 YZ. I am confident that the front will but do not know if the length of the shock has changed.

The shock should fit as well.But IMO the stock 06 stuff should run circles around the Ohlins stuff.

Actually the Ohlins site informs that the new 2006 shock is 3mm shorter (492 vs 498 mm) and has 3mm more stroke (132 vs 135mm) I wonder if with the link leverage these differences are noticable, or can be adjusted with SAG and clicks?

What do you mean about "circles"?

He means it's better. Much better.

Well that´s to be seen :thumbsup: , I know Yamaha improved its suspension, but the Ohlins that are my 2004 bike are better than anything else that I have seen. :thumbsup: In addition I am an Enduro guy, the Ohlins I guess (but would love to be conviced of the contrary) are much better for woods riding than stock YZ suspension. (I might change the Titanium coil supposing it has the same index)

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