General Questions on 2000 DRZ400E

I'm relatively new to the 4stroke thing and have some questions I hope you folks could help me out with. I have my eye on a 2000 E for $3500.00. #1 is this a decent price for a bike located in Ga. which looks to be in very good shape? #2 What are some of the things to look for or look out for on the DRZE? #3 How much $ does the kicker ad-on cost and is it a big deal to install,what are the major parts involved?



Sounds like a good price. See if the person kept a maintenance log. Skid plate is good thing as are radiator guards. Look for bent radiators. They are expensive to replace. The kick start add on is around $200.00. I haven't installed one but have read a few post in this forum about how to. You can search it. Do you have a back up kick starter for your car? The bike can be bump started. Unless your at the bottom of a hill :)


Don't be fooled just because the bike looks clean. If the guy is really serious about selling, he should be willing to let you take a good "look over". He should also be able to discuss with you how he maintained the bike while he had it (some anal people like me, keep a running milage list showing oil/filter changes etc.). Try to get a "gut" feel as to if the guy really cared about how he treated the bike.

Look closly at the frame for cracked/peeling paint (indicates severe twist or impact). Shake the wheels (side to side) to check for play in the bearings. Put the bike on a stand and check the swingarm/linkage for unusal amounts of play. Look at the grease fittings to see if they have been recently greased. Start the bike and let it idle for a few minutes to see if any of the seals leak (countershaft, shiftshaft....)and see if it dumps any coolant into the overflow tank. AND the most important thing that I look at is the condition of the air box and air filter. If the filter is dirty, and the air box is full of crud, there is a good chance that the "clean" look of the bike is only surface deep.

I know that there are a hundred things to look at, but I really think that the air filter/air box is a good indicator as to how the bike was maintained.

I had our local Suzuki shop install the kickstart kit to my 2000"e". Well worth the $. I would guess that it adds 3-5 lbs., but in my opinion it is worth it. I would bet that 50% of the "kick" start only guys would tolerate the extra 15-20 lbs. for the magic button if they could get it.

Like PHI said, make sure that you look closly at the radiators. They are quite delicate, and pretty expensive to replace. My Christmas list includes the Devol (sp?) radiator guards, so I am hoping that my wife has been surfing the internet...........

Good luck.

I bought my 2001E for $3999 base and $4989 out the door brand new (dealer blowout). Cash is king use your head and be sure it is worth it to you at any price. $3500 sounds right for used though. Good luck. :)

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