Adding fork oil?

I heard that adding fork oil will improve the suspension on an "E". Is the stock fork oil 5wt or 10wt? How do you add the oil and how many cc's?

Fork oil from the factory is basic fish oil. Any oil packed tuna will do. There are two small screws on the fork caps, people mistake them for air bleed hole but this is where you add oil, use an eye-dropper, add a little then pump the front end up and down real quick and add a little more and repeat until desired frimness is obtained. :)

Uh, be sure to reinstall the screw before the quick pumping exercise (why am I feelin' horny?)....or wear safety glasses. I hear the California guys are like into using canola oil.....dude.

5wt is stock. Do a search on fork oil and you'll get the info. you need (maybe more). Be sure to add an equal amount to both "legs".


Cetris, I was laughing my head off when I read your post!!! I love this kind of humor!!!

Johnnydrz Blue 400S

Actually the Japanese stopped using fish oil a number of years ago......but they DID use it at one time.

I have also noticed there are no FORKs in Sushi bars. Probably removed with the fish oil scare!

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